Bjorn Hodel and Jonas Hornblad combine as Hodel & Hornblad for the first time and deliver a peak time signature Enhanced trancer.

Jonas has recently seen huge support for his remix of 'Drops on the Moon' and his influence is heavily apparent on this production which features a brilliant main hook and a pounding under carriage!

Up step two new artists to the Enhanced stable; David Newsum and Sundriver.

David turns out what we have come accustomed to in a short space of time with a full on mix, packed with energy and some lovely touches on the original.

Sundriver slows things down and creates a beautiful rendition of the original with sun kissed Chicane-esq melodies and his groovy basslines & percussion.

Artist: Hodel & Jonas Hornblad

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 10th November 2008

  1. Hodel & Jonas Hornblad - Hydrogen (Original Mix)
  2. Hodel & Jonas Hornblad - Hydrogen (David Newsum Remix)
  3. Hodel & Jonas Hornblad - Hydrogen (Sundriver Remix)
  4. Hodel & Jonas Hornblad - Hydrogen (Michael Angelo Remix)

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