Mount / Endless Love



Simon and Kris are no strangers to Enhanced Progressive after their superb remix of Bakke & Joni's Envision back in 2009.

Their debut original collaborations on the label are quite simply brilliant as well - two stand out tracks finely teetering on the house / trance divide and encompassing each genres best traits to devastating effect.

Leading the two tracker is Mount; built around its hypnotic lead, this track builds and builds from the off - so simple but so effective at the same time - a real dancefloor shaker!

Endless Love takes a deeper, darker approach with its brilliantly constructed bassline and percussion driving the track forward, and its gorgeous synth stabs and top line making it perfect club material.

Artist: Simon Gain & Kris O'Neil

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 13th December 2010

  1. Simon Gain & Kris O'Neil - Mount (Original Mix)
  2. Simon Gain & Kris O'Neil - Endless Love (Original Mix)

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Mount / Endless Love