Milan / Chicago



Enhanced Progressive regular Tygris returns to the label with his newest EP, shaking things up with 'Milan / Chicago'.

'Milan' kicks things off with a futuristic twist incorporating robotic synths, vocal FX and a scything bass line before breaking into a beautifully elegant mid-section with blissful encroaching melodies, ethereal vocals and shooting synth stabs throughout.

'Chicago' offers an aptly industrial tone with pioneering & diverse elements thrown in throughout. With an ultra fresh breakbeat-come-progressive style, 'Chicago' is definitely experimental and an equally impressive flex of Tygris' production muscle.

A sophisticated, varied and forward-thinking release here from Tygris, which marks his stamp as one of 2014's brightest rising stars.

Artist: Tygris

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 18th August 2014

  1. Tygris - Milan (Original Mix)
  2. Tygris - Chicago (Original Mix)

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