Colorize - Vol. 01 Mixed by Sebastian Weikum



With over 30 releases to date on the fast rising Enhanced Music sub-label, Colorize prepares for its first feature compilation, mixed by label veteran and top Polish talent, Sebastian Weikum. The imprint which aims to release only the highest quality in colorful melodic Progressive and Deep House has put together no less than 18 sublime tracks featuring more than 10 unreleased exclusives. Colorize – Volume 01 is set for release on Monday 31st March 2014.

Weikum seamlessly knits together each carefully chosen track, and with so many exclusives as welcomed surprises throughout, this showcase is a celebration of the label’s best new talent, and reveals a unique spectrum of super cool Progressive and Deep House future hits.

A must have album for this summer, the long awaited Colorize - Volume One.

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 14th April 2014

  1. Weepee - I Know (Original Mix)
  2. Sebastian Weikum pres. The Vehicle - Egoiste (Original Mix)
  3. Weepee - Slow (Original Mix)
  4. Answer42 - Tumbleweed (Solid Stone's Deep Mix)
  5. Matheus Teston - Elemental Species (Original Mix)
  6. JimiJ - Contemporary (Original Mix)
  7. Matt Fax - Within (Original Mix)
  8. Andrew Benson - We Are A Team (Original Mix)
  9. Roddy Reynaert - Shovelhead (Original Mix)
  10. Joshi - Paramount (Original Mix)
  11. Roddy Reynaert - Myrddin (Original Mix)
  12. Andrew Benson - The Charming Time (Original Mix)
  13. Ad Brown - From Within (Jay FM Remix)
  14. Solid Stone - Remember Me (Clameres Remix)
  15. Justin Oh - Jejudo (Original Mix)
  16. JimiJ - Aerodyne (Original Mix)
  17. Justin Oh - Pryizzapoppa (Original Mix)
  18. Joshi - Quicksilver (Original Mix)
  19. Sebastian Weikum - Colorize - Volume One (Continuous DJ Mix)

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