Some of you may recall Enyo Giove's fantastic Sky High Elation from 2008; a track packed with energy and emotion.

This release falls directly in line with that superb track - and you won't be disappointed by Enyo's production as he really lifts it to a new level with tight, punchy lower end and scintillating pads and plucks; with a breakdown climax that hits you out of nowhere to devastating effect!

Two of Enhanced's freshest young talents Right Face and Juventa lend brilliant reworks of the original; Right Face taking the emotion and uplift to dizzy heights, whilst the uber-talented Juventa introduces a classical touch with some fantastic strings and drums to make a very unique sounding breakdown.

A huge return from Enyo Giove!

Artist: Enyo Giove

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 25th October 2010

  1. Enyo Giove - Magnesium (Original Mix)
  2. Enyo Giove - Magnesium (Right Face Remix)
  3. Enyo Giove - Magnesium (Juventa Remix)

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