Presenting the brand new single 'Koalastrike' from Enhanced Star Estiva, which is taken from the forthcoming Three Strikes EP including 'Koalastrike', 'Boxmeister' & 'Shoesham'. With all 3 tracks an exclusive feature on Tritonal's acclaimed 'Tritonia Chapter 001' compilation, this new EP provides the listener with his stand out melodies and earth shattering drops, with a healthy sprinkle of that added secret Estiva ingredient throughout.

Keeping up with the tradition of head turning titles to match the music, 'Koalastrike' is nothing short of a dance floor bomb, ready to explode. Matching stand out synth work and a spine tingling piano top line in the break and an irresistibly catchy groove on the drop, this is a knockout first Strike, which is released exclusively at Beatport on 17th February.

Next to be released individually at Beatport on 10th March is 'Boxmeister', with the complete EP including the third and final Strike on this hard hitting release 'Shoesham', landing in all stores on 31st March.

Artist: Estiva

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 3rd March 2014

  1. Estiva - Koalastrike (Original Mix)

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