Enhanced Music: August 2013



Enhanced Music: August 2013 releases another 10 hits from across the labels.

This compilation delivers a host of chart topping tracks such as Lange’s latest album single ‘A Different Shade Of Crazy’, Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg’s massive ‘Two To One’, Illuminor’s epic ‘Misplaced Me’ and Sebastian Weikum’s ‘Sky Is The Limit’ as well as favourites from Matson, Mike Danis, Karanda, Max Braiman & Dan Stone and more.

Stay tuned to 'the most consistent Trance label on the planet' (DJ Mag), with Enhanced's monthly digital compilation.

Artist: Various Artists

Label: Enhanced Music

Released: 19th August 2013

  1. Adam Szabo & Johan Vilborg - Two To One (Original Mix)
  2. Illuminor - Misplaced Me (Original Mix)
  3. Lange - A Different Shade Of Crazy (Original Mix)
  4. Sebastian Weikum - Sky Is The Limit (Original Mix)
  5. Mike Danis - Majestic (Original Mix)
  6. Matson - Second Rule (Original Mix)
  7. Max Braiman & Dan Stone - Submerge (Original Mix)
  8. Karanda - Whopper (Original Mix)
  9. Thomas Hayes - Diversity (Original Mix)
  10. Kevin Wild - Break The Rules (Original Mix)

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