Kelevra / Sentience



Next on Enhanced Progressive is a double edged release from the truly talented artist - Naden.

Enhanced are pleased to welcome this Norwegian talent to the Progressive label, delivering his debut EP release in the form of ‘Kelevra’ & ‘Sentience’. With such a distinct sound in both of these emotive tracks, Naden firstly takes you down a mystical progressive route with ‘Kelevra’, which includes a gorgeous instrumental section during the breakdown. ‘Sentience’ on the other hand is more club focussed with a deeper trance rhythm to kick things off, before building towards an epic release at it’s climax.

A welcomed debut EP from Naden – with more to come very soon!

Artist: Naden

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 9th September 2013

  1. Naden - Kelevra (Original Mix)
  2. Naden - Sentience (Original Mix)

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