Breaking The Cage



'Breaking The Cage' is a new collaboration fresh from the studios of Gregory Esayan & Alex Pich. It's safe to say you will already be familiar with both Esayan & Pich from their individual Colorize hits 'Heavens' and 'Astro Ibiza' - This time they have joined forces for a two part release on Enhanced's Progressive House outlet.

The original is a trance-infused and melody driven slice of progressive, pulsing with energy, light layers and vocal cuts. In the breakdown this track dives into a rhythmic breakbeat section which is topped off with a superb guitar lead!

Matheus Teston takes on the remix duties for 'Breaking The Cage', a talented trance & progressive producer from Brazil. Contrary to the original, Teston offers up a lounge like blend of laid back progressive house and trance - 'a mix of my own styles' in his words.

A incredible progressive release, perfect for the summer season!

Artist: Gregory Esayan & Alex Pich

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 15th July 2013

  1. Gregory Esayan & Alex Pich - Breaking The Cage (Original Mix)
  2. Gregory Esayan & Alex Pich - Breaking The Cage (Matheus Teston Remix)

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Breaking The Cage