Lieutenant / Empathy



Dave LeBon makes a label debut on Colorize!

Having been producing an array of different styles over the last few years including Progressive, Tech House, Experimental & Trance, Dave LeBon now focuses on the Progressive House side of things with his latest double edged EP 'Lieutenant' & 'Empathy'.

Colorize firstly delivers 'Lieutenant' which is super catchy and hold bundles of House groove. Here's a track that's full of emotion and feeling when it comes to the breakdown, which is a perfect direction to take in this production. Similarly 'Empathy' is an altogether mellow outing, however this track takes on deeper bass vibes and lighter top line melodies to make for a well-rounded release.

An excellent EP from the up & coming Dave LeBon!

Artist: Dave LeBon

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 24th June 2013

  1. Dave LeBon - Lieutenant (Original Mix)
  2. Dave LeBon - Empathy (Original Mix)

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