Up next on Enhanced Recordings, is the unstoppable Daniel Kandi together with producer - Jack Rowan for this highly anticipated track named from the Japanese translation for 'Thank You'.

It's safe to say Daniel Kandi mounts to one of the greatest Trance producers of the past decade, and here he comes again with co-producer Jack Rowan showcasing his diverse talents in the studio - creating an epic-coated, oriental-inspired melodic riff that will leave you in complete awe. However there's no mistake about it, 'Arigatou' is a track that is driven by immaculate bass drops throughout - designed from a ripping combination of heavy layered stabs, whips and fills - something you simply will not forget after hearing live!

Turn your speakers up - this is 'Arigatou'!

Artist: Daniel Kandi & Jack Rowan

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 24th June 2013

  1. Daniel Kandi & Jack Rowan - Arigatou (Original Mix)

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