PRAANA and Courtney Storm shine on 'Synergy'.

The first original offering from PRAANA since the release of their superb 2023 album 'Supernal Dawn' is here and it's a magnificent evolution in their sound. They're joined by Courtney Storm whose exquisite vocals lift 'Synergy' to lofty heights. The duo of Chad and Dave are restrained in their production, crafting a radiant soundscape as a backdrop over which soothing synth chords, glittering piano and a steady drum beat churn away. 'Synergy' is heavenly melodic house from PRAANA and Courtney Storm, here on Colorize.

Artist: PRAANA & Courtney Storm

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 10th July 2024

  1. PRAANA & Courtney Storm - Synergy (Original Mix)
  2. PRAANA & Courtney Storm - Synergy (Extended Mix)

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