'Dominoes' is here from Modera, Andrew Burrow and Susie Ledge.

Modera are back at it again on Colorize with the third single from their forthcoming EP. Andrew Burrow joins on production duties and the two acts create a spectacular sonic world on 'Dominoes'. British artist / songwriter Susie Ledge, who collaborated with Modera previously on 'Lifeline', is a perfect match once again to Caleb and Evan's emotive musicality. The result is a collaboration that shines bright and is unfaltering in its tender, evocative warmth.

Artist: Modera & Andrew Burrow & Susie Ledge

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 5th July 2024

  1. Modera & Andrew Burrow & Susie Ledge - Dominoes (Original Mix)
  2. Modera & Andrew Burrow & Josefina - Stand Alone (Original Mix)
  3. Modera & JT Roach - Covered (Original Mix)

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