'Honest' is here from Catching Shapes and Valerie Rose.

Enhanced Chill is delighted to present the second single from Dublin-based artist Catching Shapes' upcoming EP. 'Honest' is the intricate follow-up to his first solo offering, 'Let Me Go'; it's a genre-defiant composition, cinematic in scope and exquisite in its storytelling. Valerie Rose's poignant vocals set the scene, her emotive timbre tugging at our heartstrings as delicate string arrangements tiptoe over trumpeting percussive grooves and soft, skipping rhythms. Catching Shapes paints an expansive soundscape with soulful notes, gifting ample space for imaginations to wander. Roll on the full EP!

Artist: Catching Shapes & Valerie Rose

Label: Enhanced Chill

Released: 3rd July 2024

  1. Catching Shapes & Valerie Rose - Honest (Original Mix)

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