Vista / Scattered Skies



'Vista / Scattered Skies' is the spectacular new release from Jack Willard on Colorize!

Following his sparkling debut on our 2023 Winter Sampler, USA-based producer Jack Willard returns to Colorize with exquisite two-tracker, 'Vista / Scattered Skies'. Willard's optimistic notes are the beating heart of 'Vista', a supremely soothing single with gently chugging rhythms and twinkling melodies that are a tonic for the soul. Willard's command of melodic house sonics is again front-and-centre in 'Scattered Skies', its lilting chord progressions and freewheeling percussive textures producing peak zen with effortless grace. It's a certified masterpiece from Jack Willard on Colorize.

Artist: Jack Willard

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 3rd July 2024

  1. Jack Willard - Vista (Original Mix)
  2. Jack Willard - Scattered Skies (Original Mix)
  3. Jack Willard - Vista (Extended Mix)
  4. Jack Willard - Scattered Skies (Extended Mix)

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Vista / Scattered Skies