Colorize 2024 Summer Sampler



The 'Colorize 2024 Summer Sampler' is here featuring contributions from TIAEM, Ceas and Astral Field!

We're in for a treat this week on Colorize as the '2024 Summer Sampler' is here with three brilliant new records on show. German producer TIAEM unveils his second Colorize production in the form of 'Freedom Beyond Borders', a prog house thumper that feels larger-than-life thanks to its immersive and expansive soundscape. Ceas follows with 'One More Day', an emotional melodic house offering that shines thanks to intricately-chopped vocals and cascading arpeggiated synths. Astral Field closes proceedings with the superb 'Calling', a record that builds to an outstanding, captivating close through a tender, assured approach.

Artist: TIAEM & Ceas & Astral Field

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 26th June 2024

  1. TIAEM - Freedom Beyond Borders (Original Mix)
  2. Ceas - One More Day (Original Mix)
  3. Astral Field - Calling (Original Mix)
  4. TIAEM - Freedom Beyond Borders (Extended Mix)
  5. Ceas - One More Day (Extended Mix)
  6. Astral Field - Calling (Extended Mix)

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Colorize 2024 Summer Sampler