You Don't Know / Bulldozer



Rodrigo Deem's back on the scene with 'You Don't Know / Bulldozer', out now on Enhanced Progressive!

Argentine DJ / Producer Rodrigo Deem revs up his red-hot follow up to 'Dos Almas', released earlier this year on Enhanced Progressive with Leonard A. 'You Don't Know' sets the stage for a firecracker of a two-tracker. Immediately, smouldering lyrics seize our attention, initiating a force twelve storm of ruthless rhythms. Reeling us in for a mischievous slow build, Rodrigo combines seductive pads and winged piano snippets before unleashing a finale of delicious trance decadence. Demonstrating his verve and versatility, Rodrigo breaks the scales with 'Bulldozer', excavating our senses with guzzling basslines, clattering rhythmic flourishes and hyperactive synth jabs. It's a wicked warehouse thriller destined to produce pure pandemonium. Rodrigo never misses!

Artist: Rodrigo Deem

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 21st June 2024

  1. Rodrigo Deem - You Don't Know (Original Mix)
  2. Rodrigo Deem - Bulldozer (Original Mix)
  3. Rodrigo Deem - You Don't Know (Extended Mix)
  4. Rodrigo Deem - Bulldozer (Extended Mix)

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