Jesabel and Nazzereene bring 'Faded' to Enhanced!

It's a stunning release up next from two Australian artists lighting up the dance music world as Jesabel and Nazzereene blend together progressive house and melodic techno sonics with a deft touch. Jesabel's production is scintillating as she injects 'Faded' with a healthy dose of dance floor-ready groove through boisterous bass and expansive melodics, while Nazzereene's soulful, sharp vocals glide over the top in majestic style.

Artist: Jesabel & Nazzereene

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 3rd May 2024

  1. Jesabel & Nazzereene - Faded (Original Mix)
  2. Jesabel & Nazzereene - Faded (Extended Mix)

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