This Feeling (Sean Tyas Remix)



Sean Tyas remixes Laura van Dam's 'This Feeling' on Enhanced Recordings!

Released earlier this year in celebration of International Women's Day, 'This Feeling' was a smash production from Amsterdam-based producer Laura van Dam. Now, Sean Tyas injects scorching new life into the record. Building on Laura's deep progressive sounds and dark energetic beats, Naes dials it up to 11 with pumping basslines and growling synths, free-falling into a thunderbolt finale of acidic, lose-your-mind perfection. It's a quality remix here from Sean Tyas.

Artist: Laura van Dam

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 10th May 2024

  1. Laura van Dam - This Feeling (Sean Tyas Remix)
  2. Laura van Dam - This Feeling (Original Mix)
  3. Laura van Dam - This Feeling (Sean Tyas Extended Remix)

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This Feeling (Sean Tyas Remix)


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