Fade Away / Lost



L.GU. reveals the 'Fade Away / Lost' EP!

A Colorize stalwart is back in action this week as Italian producer L.GU. follows up his exquisite remix of PRAANA's 'Moment' with a superb two-track offering. 'Fade Away' is a collaboration with label debutant Banaati that sees the two producers conjure up a thrilling sense of grandeur through razor sharp synth bass, glistening, stuttering synths and dreamy vocals. 'Lost' meanwhile sees L.GU. manipulate cascading synths and throbbing bass in an expert manner, leading into a riveting breakdown. L.GU.'s brand of prog house is a marvel this week on Colorize.

Artist: L.GU.

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 10th May 2024

  1. L.GU. & Banaati - Fade Away (Original Mix)
  2. L.GU. - Lost (Original Mix)
  3. L.GU. & Banaati - Fade Away (Extended Mix)
  4. L.GU. - Lost (Extended Mix)

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