Let You Go / Breathing



Thaylo's melodic brilliance lands on Colorize with the 'Let You Go / Breathing' EP.

After making his debut on the label in 2023 with 'Deep Heart', French producer Thaylo returns two majestic new productions. 'Let You Go' is a remarkably delicate and elegant record that will sweep you off your feet with its emotive melodic sensibility, while 'Breathing' is more spacey and kaleidoscopic as Thaylo embraces more progressive textures to great results.

Artist: Thaylo

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 8th May 2024

  1. Thaylo - Let You Go (Original Mix)
  2. Thaylo - Breathing (Original Mix)
  3. Thaylo - Let You Go (Extended Mix)
  4. Thaylo - Breathing (Extended Mix)

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Let You Go / Breathing