LJ MASE and Robyn Sherwell tug at the heartstrings with 'Colder' on Colorize!

The latest production from Melbourne's LJ MASE is pure perfection on Colorize, building on last year's electric collaborations with Modera, 'Down The Line' and 'Freedom'. Opening proceedings, LJ MASE stirs a melancholic tone with wistful piano chords, while Robyn Sherwell's silken vocals pour out a lyric of dignified longing. Bittersweet memories are shape-shifting synths that prick and pang, around which LJ MASE weaves icy percussive snippets and kick drums. It's another emotional smash from LJ MASE, adding to his refined musical resume.

Artist: LJ MASE & Robyn Sherwell

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 24th April 2024

  1. LJ MASE & Robyn Sherwell - Colder (Original Mix)
  2. LJ MASE & Robyn Sherwell - Colder (Extended Mix)

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