Another World / Stay Here



It's a stellar two-track EP from Phillip Castle on Enhanced Progressive!

Phillip Castle returns to Enhanced with 'Another World' and 'Stay Here', two firecracker tracks that build on last year's wicked single, 'Don't Give Up'. On 'Another World', the Canadian producer lights it up with a percussion-soaked opening shooting straight for the stars. A tantalising trance bridge sends us into orbit, propelled by kaleidoscopic arpeggios and airy pianos, before Castle masterfully guides our re-entry with pulsating synths and perfectly constructed chord progressions. Meanwhile, 'Stay Here' bursts with longing and raw emotion; a bittersweet vocal refrain echoes throughout, powerfully punctuated by Castle's impassioned drums and ramping pitch. It's a certified must-listen this Spring!

Artist: Phillip Castle

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 19th April 2024

  1. Phillip Castle - Another World (Original Mix)
  2. Phillip Castle - Stay Here (Original Mix)
  3. Phillip Castle - Another World (Extended Mix)
  4. Phillip Castle - Stay Here (Extended Mix)

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