Never Enough (Rokazer Remix)



Rokazer is on full-throttle remix duties here on Colorize!

As the sixth single from Modera's 2023 debut album, 'Never Enough' was a standout collaboration between Modera and Hessian, featuring a magnificent vocal performance from Tailor. Now, French producer Rokazer remixes the original's yearning groove and soothing melodics with his typically driving and hard-hitting approach. Rokazer's serrated sound and progressive palette bring a gritty energy to the record; it's a gripping reworking that leaves us hungry for what's next from the French prog maestro.

Artist: Modera & Hessian feat. Tailor

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 27th March 2024

  1. Modera & Hessian feat. Tailor - Never Enough (Rokazer Remix)
  2. Modera & Hessian & Tailor - Never Enough (Original Mix)
  3. Modera & Hessian feat. Tailor - Never Enough (Rokazer Extended Remix)

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Never Enough (Rokazer Remix)