Velvet Tread



Solarstone & Farius join forces for the monumental 'Velvet Thread', here on Enhanced Progressive!

Prepare yourselves for an undeniable whopper of a progressive trance anthem from Solarstone & Farius, superstar producers at the top of their game. Combining soaring harmonies with an ethereal vocal refrain and snappy bassline, Solarstone and Farius's dynamic production is an irresistible tonic for your Winter blues. Just wait for that stratospheric trance climax - you'll be left breathless. Spring has sprung!

Artist: Solarstone & Farius

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 29th March 2024

  1. Solarstone & Farius - Velvet Tread (Original Mix)
  2. Solarstone & Farius - Velvet Tread (Extended Mix)

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Velvet Tread