Moment (L.GU. Remix)



L.GU. remixes PRAANA & Danni Carra's 'Moment'!

A highlight release from their 2023 album, PRAANA's 'Moment' with Danni Carra was the perfect treasure of twinkling synth and golden vocals. Now, L.GU. unleashes his gritty reworking on Colorize, opting for a growling bass-line punctuated by his deep and distinct prog house grooves. Danni Carra's high-flying vocal delivery floats above L.GU.'s hard-hitting mix in a satisfying blend of emotional and momentous, showcasing the original in a bold new light.

Artist: PRAANA & Danni Carra

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 20th March 2024

  1. PRAANA & Danni Carra - Moment (L.GU. Remix)
  2. PRAANA & Danni Carra - Moment (Original Mix)
  3. PRAANA & Danni Carra - Moment (L.GU. Extended Remix)

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Moment (L.GU. Remix)