Cypress / Sol



'Cypress / Sol' is the new EP from Hour 11 on Colorize!

Bringing their sublime prog house sonics to the fore this week on Colorize is American producer duo Hour 11. 'Cypress' is propelled forwards by a persistent synth pattern supported by a rumbling bass and ethereal vocals, while 'Sol' sees them layer up idiophone textures over robust synth bass and pristine percussion. It's a neat, well-crafted two-tracker here from Hour 11 on Colorize.

Artist: Hour 11

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 24th January 2024

  1. Hour 11 - Cypress (Original Mix)
  2. Hour 11 - Sol (Original Mix)
  3. Hour 11 - Cypress (Extended Mix)
  4. Hour 11 - Sol (Extended Mix)

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Cypress / Sol