Swimming / Faded and Pale



'Swimming / Faded and Pale' comes to Colorize from VEHA.

Norwegian producer VEHA unveils his debut release on Colorize, coming in with an enchanting two-tracker. Opening track 'Swimming' was premiered on Colorscapes Volume Five and sees VEHA imbue it with an upbeat, blissful energy through airy, spaced out synths, warm pads and glittering foley, while 'Faded and Pale' with vocalist Teesalu is built up around an effervescent bass / rhythm section and uplifted by expert synth work.

Artist: VEHA

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 31st January 2024

  1. VEHA - Swimming (Original Mix)
  2. VEHA & Teesalu - Faded and Pale (Original Mix)
  3. VEHA - Swimming (Extended Mix)
  4. VEHA & Teesalu - Faded and Pale (Extended Mix)

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Swimming / Faded and Pale