No Way From Here / Silver



'No Way From Here / Silver' is here from Mona Vale!

Colorize welcomes the first release on the label from London-based duo Mona Vale who blend together melodic house with funk elements to create their signature sound. The EP's two tracks are replete with effervescent grooves, with 'No Way From Here' leaning house with its soulful vocal chops, glittering synths and laidback chord progression, while on 'Silver' they embrace breaks rhythms and unique sound design to create a record that is at once driving and breezy.

Artist: Mona Vale

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 29th November 2023

  1. Mona Vale - No Way From Here (Original Mix)
  2. Mona Vale - Silver (Original Mix)
  3. Mona Vale - No Way From Here (Extended Mix)
  4. Mona Vale - Silver (Extended Mix)

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No Way From Here / Silver