Diphda / Dorsum



Rokazer's 'Diphda / Dorsum' EP is here.

It's a spectacular new offering from French producer Rokazer this week on Colorize, his third two-tracker of the year on the label. His typically driving and hard-hitting approach is in full force on these two tracks, bringing glossy progressive house textures to 'Diphda' and a more techno-influenced palette to 'Dorsum'.

Artist: Rokazer

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 22nd November 2023

  1. Rokazer - Diphda (Original Mix)
  2. Rokazer - Dorsum (Original Mix)
  3. Rokazer - Diphda (Extended Mix)
  4. Rokazer - Dorsum (Extended Mix)

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