Carnal Emotion (Fehrplay Remix)



Fehrplay remixes 'Carnal Emotion' from Estiva and Jess Ball.

'Carnal Emotion' was one of the the most emotional cuts from Estiva's 'Infinita' album released this year, and now one of Norway's most talented rising producers Fehrplay presents his take on the track. He merges the emotive vocal from Jess Ball with dark sonics and energetic drums, centring the remix around a pulsating bassline followed by groovy synth patterns, revealing 'Carnal Emotion' in an entirely new form.

Artist: Estiva & Jess Ball

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 1st November 2023

  1. Estiva & Jess Ball - Carnal Emotion (Fehrplay Remix)
  2. Estiva & Jess Ball - Carnal Emotion (Original Mix)
  3. Estiva & Jess Ball - Carnal Emotion (Fehrplay Extended Remix)

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