Everything Is Beautiful



Tritonal and Kwesi unveil 'Everything Is Beautiful'!

It's a phenomenal new single from label head honchos Tritonal, their first new offering since 2022 album 'Coalesce'. They embrace a riotous trance energy on 'Everything Is Beautiful', crafting an undeniably immersive soundscape through polished and forward-thinking sound design. Rollicking synth lines and rumbling bass converge to create a powerful production, with vocals from talented singer / songwriter Kwesi giving the track a profound depth. Tritonal are set to light up the dance floor with their latest, here on Enhanced.

Artist: Tritonal & Kwesi

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 3rd November 2023

  1. Tritonal & Kwesi - Everything Is Beautiful (Original Mix)
  2. Tritonal & Kwesi - Everything Is Beautiful (Extended Mix)

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Everything Is Beautiful