Awakening EP



American Steve 'Redstar' Bolger has been making a name for himself over the past 12 months with some well recieved remixes and originals, along with running the excellent Redforce Recordings.

He debuts on Enhanced with a stunning three track EP of driving melodic trance.

Awakening, Long Way Home and I Am Legend all display mature production, signature leads, lush breakdowns and some serious kick!

Choosing the lead track was hard enough for us so don't be surprised if you can't either! If you're a fan of our Temple One or Activa then this is right up your street.

Redstar; definately a name to look out for.

Artist: Redstar

Label: Enhanced Recordings

Released: 13th October 2008

  1. Redstar - Awakening (Original Mix)
  2. Redstar - Long Way Home (Original Mix)
  3. Redstar - I Am Legend (Original Mix)

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Awakening EP