Love You Tomorrow



'Love You Tomorrow' from Kieran Hemming & Dorothea lands on Enhanced Chill.

Kieran Hemming is quickly becoming a household name on Enhanced Chill with a handful of electric releases on the label under his belt, and now he adds to his blossoming catalogue with a magical new single. 'Love You Tomorrow' sees him recruit Swedish vocalist Dorothea on vocals to create a dreamy gem of a record. With its off-kilter, laid back groove, subdued bass and rustic keys, Hemming creates a hazy, effervescent soundscape in which Dorothea's sublime vocals shine bright.

Artist: Kieran Hemming & Dorothea

Label: Enhanced Chill

Released: 30th August 2023

  1. Kieran Hemming & Dorothea - Love You Tomorrow (Original Mix)

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Love You Tomorrow