Deep Swarm



Harry Diamond and K-MRK unveil 'Deep Swarm'.

This week on Enhanced Progressive we welcome a truly exquisite production from Harry Diamond and K-MRK, two producers and frequent collaborators who are regularly pushing the boundaries of trance and progressive music. 'Deep Swarm' is crafted with a deft touch - their sound design shines as bright, powerful synths steal the show, while punchy drums and rollicking bass coalesce to form an engaging groove. It's progressive dance music at its best here from Harry Diamond and K-MRK.

Artist: Harry Diamond & K-MRK

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 1st September 2023

  1. Harry Diamond & K-MRK - Deep Swarm (Original Mix)
  2. Harry Diamond & K-MRK - Deep Swarm (Extended Mix)

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Deep Swarm