Meant To Be EP



The 'Meant To Be' EP from Hausman lands on Enhanced Progressive!

One of the label's most talented and consistent artists unveils a stunning four-track EP for your listening pleasure. 'Meant To Be' chronicles Hausman's journey as a producer, with the tracks named after streets he has lived over the past few years as he has honed his skills and fine tuned his musicianship. 'Kemore (Meant To Be)' with Lumynesynth was the single from the project, an undeniably euphoric trance anthem, while 'Grandview', 'Westland' and 'Trident' all see Hausman push his sound to lofty new heights. 'Grandview' is a classic trance banger - synth-focused and melody-heavy - while 'Westland' and 'Trident' feature gargantuan bass that will rock your world. Across the EP he lets his unique sound design and intricate production shine bright, both staples of his singular approach to trance that make him stand in a lane of his own. 'Meant To Be' is an impressive, fun EP from Hausman who is in his element.

Artist: Hausman

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 25th August 2023

  1. Hausman - Grandview (Original Mix)
  2. Hausman - Westland (Original Mix)
  3. Hausman & Lumynesynth - Kenmore (Meant To Be) (Original Mix)
  4. Hausman - Trident (Original Mix)
  5. Hausman - Grandview (Extended Mix)
  6. Hausman - Westland (Extended Mix)
  7. Hausman & Lumynesynth - Kenmore (Meant To Be) (Extended Mix)
  8. Hausman - Trident (Extended Mix)

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