ghost whispers



'ghost whispers' is the brand new album from silvershore, here on Enhanced Chill.

Out on Wednesday 21st June is the debut album from silvershore, an alias of British producer and songwriter Tom Hutchinson. The nine tracks that make up 'ghost whispers' see Hutchinson explore the indie / alternative corners of electronic music with a deft touch, crafting a captivating album that shines with its standout sonics and a powerful emotional depth.

Hutchinson made waves previously with his work as Anki, weaving elements of harder-hitting genres like future bass and dubstep into his crossover dance / electronic sound, releasing a host of impressive albums and singles on Enhanced Recordings and remixing the likes of Cheat Codes and Selena Gomez. He launched the silvershore project in early 2022 with a sublime remix of Blonde Maze's 'If I Could' before going onto release the 'home' EP, with tracks like 'orbit' and 'shot in the dark' proving him to be one to watch in the world of chill electronic music.

Now, after the release of three first-rate singles including 'lift me up', 'who can say goodbye?' and 'hold on', Hutchinson unveils the first silvershore album in the form of 'ghost whispers'. It's a magnificently cohesive and intentional project that puts the silvershore sound front and centre, allowing his slick production chops and exquisite songwriting skill to flourish. The album flows with an assured ease, with its intro, interlude and outro tracks giving it an engaging structure, and his unique sonic identity is present throughout: sharp, effervescent drum grooves, delicate guitar riffs, glittering synth melodies, wall-of-sound atmospheres and intricately-manipulated vocals. It's the latter that gives the album a strong emotional throughline, whether it's the fragmented vocal snippets peppered throughout or the contributions of guest vocalists Flachbau and Dorothea who weave a rosy nostalgia into 'ghost whispers' narrative.

2023 sees the release of silvershore's first album but he's just getting started - we can't wait to see what else he has in store.

Artist: silvershore

Label: Enhanced Chill

Released: 21st June 2023

  1. silvershore - intro; lanterns (Original Mix)
  2. silvershore - lift me up (Original Mix)
  3. silvershore & Flachbau - who can say goodbye? (Original Mix)
  4. silvershore - forever (Original Mix)
  5. silvershore - interlude; frail (Original Mix)
  6. silvershore - time together (Original Mix)
  7. silvershore & Dorothea - hold on (Original Mix)
  8. silvershore - right now (Original Mix)
  9. silvershore - outro; don't waste the day (Original Mix)

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