I'll Be Home



Modera link up with Camp 8 for 'I'll Be Home'!

It's a beautiful new production from the duo of Caleb and Evan aka Modera this week on Colorize. A follow up to February's 'Better Place', 'I'll Be Home' is the second single from their forthcoming album and features a majestic vocal from New Zealand-born songwriter Camp 8. His performance is impressive and his lyricism is on point over assured sonics from the duo. They bring a grandiose quality to 'I'll Be Home' through an enthralling blend of electronic and acoustic instrumentation, anchoring the track with expansive synth pads and delicate percussion.

Artist: Modera & Camp 8

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 14th April 2023

  1. Modera & Camp 8 - I'll Be Home (Original Mix)
  2. Modera & Lauren L'aimant - Better Place (Original Mix)
  3. Modera & Camp 8 - I'll Be Home (Extended Mix)

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I'll Be Home