Léo / Becrux



'Léo / Becrux' is the magnificent new EP from Rokazer on Colorize!

French producer Rokazer has contributed some truly standout EPs to Colorize since making his debut on the label in February 2022, and he continues to excel on his latest offering. The EP's two tracks shine bright, displaying an expansive sonic landscape that he cultivates through intricate layers of synths. 'Léo' is a more upbeat and rosy production with its exquisite chord progressions and melodies, while 'Becrux' is captivating with its use of dissonance and techno-influenced sound design.

Artist: Rokazer

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 17th March 2023

  1. Rokazer - Léo (Original Mix)
  2. Rokazer - Becrux (Original Mix)
  3. Rokazer - Léo (Extended Mix)
  4. Rokazer - Becrux (Extended Mix)

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