Colorize 2023 Spring Sampler



The Colorize 2023 Spring Sampler arrives with contributions from VisionV, Thaylo and Rhea Silvia!

Colorize is delighted to present the latest in our sampler series with this Spring '23 edition featuring three sublime records that you won't want to miss from three exciting new acts on the label. Up first is Vienna-based producer VisionV with 'Blossom', a captivating track that unfurls with a delicate grace thanks to soaring synths and enchanting melodies. 'Deep Heart' by French producer Thaylo follows; it shines thanks to cascading arpeggiated synth lines and a soft but propulsive groove. Berlin-based producer Rhea Silvia wraps up proceedings with 'If You Only Knew', an emotive track lead by the title refrain, driving bass and a snappy drum section.

Artist: VisionV, Thaylo, Rhea Silvia

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 3rd March 2023

  1. VisionV - Blossom (Original Mix)
  2. Thaylo - Deep Heart (Original Mix)
  3. Rhea Silvia - If You Only Knew (Original Mix)
  4. VisionV - Blossom (Extended Mix)
  5. Thaylo - Deep Heart (Extended Mix)
  6. Rhea Silvia - If You Only Knew (Extended Mix)

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Colorize 2023 Spring Sampler