Sundance (Remixes)



The remixes of Arkangel's 'Sundance' album are here!

Released in September 2022, 'Sundance' is a marvel of an album from California-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Arkangel. His pristine blend of acoustic and electronic elements was a highlight on a diverse and arresting album, and now we bring you five remixes of the album's highlight tracks in all their glory. Joining already-released takes from dj poolboi, Farves and Arkangel himself is an impressive remix of 'Feel Your Weight' from French prog house duo Angara. They've quickly established themselves as leaders in their scene and their remix is a sonic delight with its mesmerising groove and stimulating energy. We're also graced with a luscious remix of 'Waterfall' from newcomers de:minute - they bring a liveliness to the track with immaculate sound design that isn't to be missed.

Artist: Arkangel

Label: Enhanced Chill

Released: 1st February 2023

  1. Arkangel - Feel Your Weight (Angara Remix)
  2. Arkangel - Adobe (dj poolboi Remix)
  3. Arkangel - You Shine (Farves Remix)
  4. Arkangel - Waterfall (de:minute Remix)
  5. Arkangel - Sundance (VIP Mix)

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