Ripples / Waves



'Ripples / Waves' is the first EP from Datskie on Colorize.

Finnish producer Datskie showcases his pristine progressive sonics this week with a sharp new offering. The two track EP is exquisite in its construction; 'Ripples' bubbles with its ethereal synths waxing and waning with precision, while 'Waves' is at once nostalgic and feel-good thanks to the sublime sonic atmosphere Datskie creates.

Artist: Datskie

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 9th November 2022

  1. Datskie - Ripples (Original Mix)
  2. Datskie - Waves (Original Mix)
  3. Datskie - Ripples (Extended Mix)
  4. Datskie - Waves (Extended Mix)

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Ripples / Waves