Late Night / Broadway



Record Of The Week on Above & Beyond's Group Therapy Radio Show.

Every once in a while, a young and undeniable talent pops up - Matt Fax is

an example of just that! Matt Fax is a new kid on the progressive house and

trance block, who's got a fantastic sound going for him. He has already

caught the ears of leading industry DJs and labels, including Enhanced Music

and Colorize.

The first track Late Night is like a continuous swarm of pure feel-good

vibes. A spot on slice of melodic progressive house. Broadway is a much

tougher, darker and constantly driving track. It has got a strong groove and

an infectious beat. A great counterpart to the softer a-side.

A warm welcome to Matt Fax and this solid debut!

Artist: Matt Fax

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 18th February 2013

  1. Matt Fax - Late Night (Original Mix)
  2. Matt Fax - Broadway (Original Mix)

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