LA-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Aidan Busch brings you his debut artist album under the name Arkangel - this is 'Sundance'.

The three exquisite singles from the album - 'Adobe', 'Tide' and 'You Shine' - were a perfect snapshot of Arkangel's sublime indie-electronic sound. Across the album's twelve tracks he fleshes out a cohesive sonic identity starting with his immaculate vocals; at once captivating and soothing, with a distinctly poetic lyricism, intricate layering and polished performance they guide the album forward. They interact seamlessly with his trailblazing production; the percussion and bass drive momentum as he incorporates influences from genres like electronica, progressive house and breaks to great effect, while ethereal synths, refined guitar licks and glistening piano bring a mesmerising live element to his sound. The crossover between electronic and acoustic elements is one of the album's greatest strengths as Arkangel finds a striking sweet spot between the two.

A quick note from Arkangel:

'I wanted to capture the energy of my home state of day turns to conversation unfurls.the different energies that pull. This album is about my own experiences as a young adult and my relationships with the people I hold close'

Artist: Arkangel

Label: Enhanced Chill

Released: 23rd September 2022

  1. Arkangel - Adobe (Original Mix)
  2. Arkangel - Tide (Original Mix)
  3. Arkangel - Runaway (Original Mix)
  4. Arkangel - You Shine (Original Mix)
  5. Arkangel - Softly Now (Original Mix)
  6. Arkangel - Her (Original Mix)
  7. Arkangel - After The Rain (Interlude) (Original Mix)
  8. Arkangel - Feel Your Weight (Original Mix)
  9. Arkangel - Waterfall (Original Mix)
  10. Arkangel - Late Night Fever (Original Mix)
  11. Arkangel - Wide Awake (Original Mix)
  12. Arkangel - Sundance (Original Mix)

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