Moments / Treading Dawn



Anriu's latest EP lands on Colorize - this is 'Moments / Treading Dawn'.

UK-based producer Anriu's second EP of the year on Colorize after 'Burning / Orange Sky' in March is a triumph. Opening track 'Moments' features bold bass and delicate arpeggiating synths that wax and wane with a deliberate precision, while 'Treading Dawn', a luscious collaboration with Wilde, is introspective and nostalgic thanks to an emotive chord progression and tender piano.

Artist: Anriu, Wilde

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 2nd September 2022

  1. Anriu - Moments (Original Mix)
  2. Anriu, Wilde - Treading Dawn (Original Mix)
  3. Anriu - Moments (Extended Mix)
  4. Anriu, Wilde - Treading Dawn (Extended Mix)

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Moments / Treading Dawn