West / Lamarca



Rodrigo Deem kicks of 2021 in style here on Enhanced Progressive with the 'West / Lamarca' EP!

An exquisitely-produced and finely-crafted EP here from Argentinian producer Rodrigo Deem who has thrilled on Enhanced Progressive and Colorize in the past with his polished brand of progressive dance music.

'West' features exceptional sound design and striking synths with invigorating melodies, while 'Lamarca' packs a punch with its thunderous, saturated bass and expansive atmosphere.

Artist: Rodrigo Deem

Label: Enhanced Progressive

Released: 8th January 2021

  1. Rodrigo Deem - West (Original Mix)
  2. Rodrigo Deem - Lamarca (Original Mix)
  3. Rodrigo Deem - West (Extended Mix)
  4. Rodrigo Deem - Lamarca (Extended Mix)

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