Bare Feat



David Hohme & Dustin Nantais bring 'Bare Feat' to Colorize!

A pristine debut release on the label from Brooklyn-based DJ / Producer David Hohme, who's seen global success with his collection of originals and remixes as well as his first-rate live show, and Toronto DJ / Producer Dustin Nantais who has amassed an impressive catalogue of releases over the past five years, 'Bare Feat' sees the two bring throbbing bass and a hypnotic rhythm section to this slick production. The inescapable groove and layers of sprawling vocals merge together flawlessly, making this a highlight Colorize release this Autumn!

Artist: David Hohme & Dustin Nantais

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 25th September 2020

  1. David Hohme & Dustin Nantais - Bare Feat (Original Mix)
  2. David Hohme & Dustin Nantais - Bare Feat (Extended Mix)

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Bare Feat