Clockwork EP



'Clockwork' is the exciting first EP from Braxton on Colorize!

Featuring 'Clockwork', 'Serac' and 'Yoruba', Braxton's new EP is a marvellous exploration of house music. The British producer has a unique sonic identity, effortlessly merging prog and deep house sounds, delicately achieving a balance that will draw you in with an ever-evolving, mutating groove across the three tracks.

Braxton makes waves, here on Colorize.

Artist: Braxton

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 20th March 2020

  1. Braxton - Clockwork (Original Mix)
  2. Braxton - Serac (Original Mix)
  3. Braxton - Yoruba (Original Mix)
  4. Braxton - Clockwork (Extended Mix)
  5. Braxton - Serac (Extended Mix)
  6. Braxton - Yoruba (Extended Mix)

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