Disruption Protocol / Royal Dutch



This is the 'Disruption Protocol / Royal Dutch' EP from Deeparture!

EP opener 'Disruption Protocol' was featured as part of Dezza's mix for Colorize's 'Colorscapes' compilation, and now the Dutch producer brings his first full release to the label.

Undeniably upbeat, across the two tracks Deeparture carefully crafts a unique, buoyant sound that stands out in the world of Progressive House. Sanguine chord progressions and intricate production and sound design make this new EP a terrific way to close out the year.

Artist: Deeparture

Label: Colorize (Enhanced)

Released: 13th December 2019

  1. Deeparture - Disruption Protocol (Original Mix)
  2. Deeparture - Royal Dutch (Original Mix)

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Disruption Protocol / Royal Dutch