The Hive



AUST brings his Future-inspired, forward thinking sound to Enhanced Chill again with fabulous two-track EP 'The Hive'.

The Swiss producer has cultivated a singular sound in the world of experimental electronic music, bringing his tracks to life and giving them genuine motion with his intricate production style. 'The Hive' quivers in and out of focus, with airy vocal chops and tumbling percussion giving the track a unique, pulsating vibe, while on 'Croix D'Or' he channels Flume-inspired synths and raucous hand claps to propel the song forward.

'The Hive' from AUST is here.

Artist: AUST

Label: Enhanced Chill

Released: 23rd October 2019

  1. AUST - The Hive (Original Mix)
  2. AUST - Croix D'Or (Original Mix)

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